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Dear clients!

The new functional of returns and shortages works on our web-site.

For creation of request on a return or shortage take advantage of the corresponding buttons "shortage" and "return", that are in invoices(a page is "Invoices" -> "Viewing"). At pressure on them, you will pass to the page with a form for filling. Fill all fields(obligatory - with an asterisk(*)) and request it is possible to send.
For the case of пересорта commodity(when in an invoice one code of detail, and in fact there is other in packing) - create a return on such detail. In reason specify "Пересорт" and in detail describe details.

After confirmation by us Your request on a return, prepare and pass to a re-entry commodity our courier during the following.

of creation of return / of shortage on details is active 7 days from the moment of delivery of invoice on these details. For this time request to consider content of Your invoices. After 7th days to create a request by means of web-site - it is impossible.