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Auto.MstarProject - auto parts store DEMO, designed for "Standard" package testing.

MstarProject is engaged in the development of web-based applications for automotive businesses

We create auto parts websites and our product Auto.MstarProject is the demonstration of our capabilities, so that each new customer could estimate, what he buys

Other major advantages:

  • The complete set of auto modules for online business functioning, active Internet sales, and transition of conventional store to an automated, computerized accounting.
  • Online and offline catalogs, offering the unique choice of original and non original spare parts for the Customer
  • Fully automated business processes tracking system: the data is in one place and no “I-forgot-it” occurrences among the sales managers
  • The end-to-end cycle of processing, payment and delivery of goods is at “experienced” Internet user’s disposal – the usability of the site dramatically saves time of ever lazier customers
  • Hi-performance servers at a price of 40$ per month are optimized to process multi-million nomenclature, crosses and price lists
  • Many years’ experience in conversion the existing auto business online: sync with “1C” (Accounting Software) as well as with other less popular trading systems
  • User-friendly interface of our sites is clear even to a “taxi driver” and a “housewife”
  • All popular payment systems as well as most standard delivery methods are already implemented



More information on services and packages can be found here:

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Our online auto parts store offers:
  • Accessories, spare parts, auto oils, tires, wheels and much more
  • Professional advice on the selection of spare parts and their analogues
  • Wide selection of quality auto parts for cars and trucks
  • Easy search and selection of parts
  • Delivery of spare parts to all regions of Russia and CIS countries
  • Assemblies with serial numbers and components (engine block, the body)


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